Helicopter Assassin GamePlay:

You are an agent and you are sent to do a mission. You have to defeat all terrorists who are in the highest floor of a building. The only way to approach close to them is by a helicopter. Your teammate will drive the helicopter to fly around that building and you will be the one who shoots at them. Each level in Helicopter Assassin requires you to kill a certain number of terrorists. Aim accurately to shoot down every single of them. You have only 10 health points and if you get shot, you will lose some HP.

Restarting that level is what you have to do when you run out of HP because of enemies. Remember that once you start shooting, your enemies will shoot back. So, make sure you can kill one enemy with every single shot. The fewer bullets you use to shoot down enemies, the more coins you earn. With those coins, you can unlock new weapons in the store. Shooting while standing still is hard. Shooting from a flying helicopter is much harder. It’s a true challenge. You will find it harder to aim accurately. Besides, you can’t avoid the enemy’s attacks. When enemies start shooting, you will get shot without dodging.

The challenging level won’t be the same from level 1 to the final level. It becomes harder and harder to defeat them but the more time you spend playing, the more accurate and the better your shot. Sometimes, you can shoot at the bombs to blow enemies up. Are you ready to clear this mission? Start it now! Besides this amazing Y8y8y8 shooter game, you can check out other cool options at action games. If you don’t want to waste time finding, you can check out the following options Subway FPS and Boing Bang.

Instuctions: Mouse to aim and shoot.

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