Boing Bang GamePlay:

You are locked in a room and your life is threatened by the bouncing balls in Boing Bang. The ball keeps bouncing and when it lands, it will crush you if you can’t avoid it in time. More dangerously, when you shoot at the biggest ball, it will break into two smaller balls. And these smaller balls will break into much smaller balls when being shot. And you know what? The more bouncing balls are created, the harder to stay safe. Besides, the smaller the balls, the easier to destroy them. Don’t break all the big balls.

This will create many smaller balls and put your life at risk. You should destroy the ball from the smallest to the biggest ones. While shooting at the target, make sure you avoid them. Jump to the left or to the right to defend yourself. The game offers 10 levels with increasing difficulty. You will face stronger balls in the later levels. Here at action games, you won’t gain coins after clearing each level and there is no upgrading option before the match starts. However, during the match, some power-ups will be dropped and before they disappear, you should collect them to gain advantages.

These items can upgrade your weapon instantly or give you a protective shield but their effect lasts for a short time. At each level, you have 3 lives. If you get crushed 3 times, you have to restart that level and you can’t gain an extra heart. Good luck and if you want to enjoy more Y8y8y8 shooter games like that, here are our suggestions for you Crazy Plane Shooter and Zombie Survival Gun 3D. Stay tuned for new additions coming every day. All of them are hand-picked. Enjoy!

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move, and Space to shoot.

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