Crazy Plane Shooter GamePlay:

Waves of enemy planes are flying into your realm. Get in your aircraft and shoot down all of them before it’s too late. It’s what you have to do in Crazy Plane Shooter. Each level requires you to shoot down 100 enemy planes. You have only 5 lives for each mission. You may think five lives are too many but in fact, you may need more than that because you will be attacked by several enemy planes at once. They surround you and shoot at you. You have to fly around to shoot them and avoid their attack.

You will lose one life whenever you get shot or you crash into them. When you run out of 5 lives, you have to restart the game from the beginning. It offers 3 levels in total with 1 final boss. It means whether you are in level 2 or level 3, if you lose, you have to start from level 1. In 3 levels, you will deal with 9 different enemies, and like most games at action games, the difficulty won’t be the same. The enemies in level 2 are much stronger than level 1 and the enemies in level 3 can be the hardest ones to handle.

With the plane without upgrading, you may be unable to defeat enemies. That’s why the game features many power-ups that you can pick up to upgrade your plane in terms of fire rate, weapons, and so on. Try to collect every single of them to get stronger to deal with stronger enemies. Blast your way through 3 levels and defeat the final boss. Good luck! Have a great gaming time here and make sure you check out other Y8y8y8 shooter games such as Slinger and Super Ninja Plumber. Instructions: WASD or arrow keys to move and Space to shoot.

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