Super Ninja Plumber GamePlay:

Super Ninja Plumber is an addicting action-adventure game with a Super Mario vibe. It takes you to the mushroom world which is being invaded by monsters. What you need to do here is to team up with Ninja Plumber to defeat monsters and rescue this world. Like what you did in Super Mario, you can break the bricks to get coins and some power-ups that make you grow up or turn you into a ninja.

In the form of a ninja, you can throw shuriken at your enemies to defeat them. In the normal form, you don’t have anything to attack your enemies. The only way to deal with evil creatures is to jump over them to avoid them or jump on them to kill them. In each level, you have to collect at least 1 star and knock your head at the white brick with a smile to finish the current journey and embark on the new one. Here at action games, there are 15 levels in total with 1 boss level. The challenging level increases as you advance.

You have 5 lives for 15 levels. If all lives are run out, you have to start from the beginning. However, if you reach the latest checkpoint in the current level, you will respawn at that point. So, be careful whenever you make a step. You can lose your life because of falling down the gaps or hitting any obstacles out there. Besides, don’t miss any bricks because some special mushrooms are hidden there. These mushrooms give you power. Have a safe and sound journey with Ninja Plumber and enjoy other Y8y8y8 adventure games such as Noob Bridge Challenge and Robot Ring Fighting.

How to play: Arrow keys to move, Space to jump, and X to shoot.

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