Super Baseball GamePlay:

Which sports do you like? Football? Volleyball? What about baseball? Whether you like baseball or not, you shouldn’t miss the chance to try a simple version of baseball game called Super Baseball at y8 games for free. Normally, 2 teams consist of 9 players will compete against each other in a baseball game. Each player plays an important role. Each team will take a turn playing offense and defense.

However, the rule is different in this online game. You will compete against one player of the opposing team. The fair matching system of the game will match 2 players has the same level. So, you won’t have to compete against those who are better than you if you are a beginner. The rule is simple. You have to hit as many balls as you can to earn points and win over your opponent. However, it doesn’t seem to be as easy as it looks. Timing is the key to win.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have to swing your bat at the right time to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. If you miss a second, you lose. It’s truly challenging. It requires you to practice and play more to know the right time to take action. If you hit the sweet spot, you got an excellent home run. It’s hard to get.

By playing and practicing, your skill is gradually improved. With each win, you will level up and play better. Good luck and have fun! Test your sports skill in other sports games such as Dunk Shot Online and Penalty Kick


Click or tap to swing your bat.

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