Running Ninja GamePlay:

Today, you have a new challenge. Challenge your dancing ability and intelligence. If you are brave enough, please join Running Ninja game at y8y8y8 games for school and show off your talent. To overcome this game, you need certain skills such as the ability to observe, jumping skills, ability to calculate distance and speed.

With Running Ninja, a series of challenges and deadly traps will appear constantly and unexpectedly on the road. These are obstacles that are similar to the famous Flappy Bird game. So, your task is to control the ninja and overcome these challenges. You need to calculate a strong force, the proper distance and the right time to fly over obstacles.

In particular, you should remember that you need to jump at the right time if not the Ninja will be destroyed and the game also ends immediately. Warning! The speed of this game is quite fast so you do not have much time to think; instead, you need to act constantly and find a perfect tactic in the game.

One more thing, you will not see the challenges ahead, so you will not have time to prepare. Hurry up! Jump quickly!!! In addition, we will introduce you to a list of exciting games such as Angry Gran Run at running-games. Try them now!


Control your character with the mouse on the computer.

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