Running Santa GamePlay:

Do you know what does Santa usually do at Christmas? Yes, he delivers gifts to kids all over the world. This is the busiest time for Santa and he needs you to give him your helping hands. In Running Santa at Y8 games 2 player, your main mission is to help Santa safely go through a series of obstacles and collect as many Christmas gifts as possible. He needs to go from A to B to finish a level. If he stumbles or hits an obstacle, that level will be restarted.

Santa auto-runs towards and you can’t stop him or slow him down. Just obstacles on the way can make him stop but you don’t want that to happen for sure. Remember that you don’t have to collect every single gift out there. Just collect the ones you can get. The only requirement to finish a level is to reach the final destination. Therefore, you can ignore some gifts to secure Santa’s life.

This game can be considered as an endless runner game like other options at https://y8y8y8.games/. However, it’s a level-based one. There is a total of 21 levels with increasing difficulty levels. You will deal with more obstacles and the running speed of Santa will increase as well. Then it’s much harder to time your jump while jumping at the right moment is the key to conquering this game. You can jump on a trampoline that looks like a mushroom to have longer jumps.

That’s all about this game. If you have any questions, just leave a comment, and if you are looking for more enjoyable games, here are some of the best choices that you should check out Interstellar Run and Sneak Out 3D

Instructions: Left click or tap to jump.

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