Ninja Ranmaru GamePlay:

Ninja Ranmaru is an awesome endless runner game that combines with the puzzle element to gives you both a familiar and unique game experience. At Y8y8y8, it’s an endless runner game but you won’t run, slide and jump over the obstacles or move to the left lane or right lane to dodge traps. It’s traditional gameplay that is too familiar, right? Get ready to welcome something new and fun at the same time. You not only have to react fast enough to jump over and avoid obstacles but also remember a set of rules to defeat enemies that you meet on the way.

That’s where puzzle elements jump in. You have 3 weapons in different colors: Blue, red and green. Enemies also show up in form of a different color. You have to keep in mind that blue wins against red, red wins against green, and green wins against the blue. On http://y8y8y8.games/, each time you meet an enemy, you have a few seconds to choose one of those weapons to deal with that enemy.

It means if your enemy is red, you have to choose the blue weapons, if your enemy is blue, you have to choose the green one and if your enemy is green, you have to choose the red one. It’s hard to remember this rule then it makes the game look cool and challenging. You don’t have much time, so you have to make a decision fast enough before your enemy attacks you. You have only one life and you don’t have the second chance to make another choice.

The game also offers some power-ups to help you. Collect them if you see one. Break a leg and relieve stress with other games such as Ninja Rabbit and Endless Siege.

How to play:

Click on the on-screen buttons.

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