Ninja Rabbit GamePlay:

Ninja Rabbit is an enjoyable adventure game that is both easy and challenging. It has a simple but hard-to-master control mechanism. At Y8 games, your ninja appears in form of a ball and the only thing he has is a hook. However, it’s a special hook that works like spiderman shoot spider-like silk. You use that hook to move around, save little mice and collect as many radishes as possible.

Why you have to save the little mice? Because they were kidnapped by an evil monster. They are locked in cages and hung from cave ceilings. It’s your mission to rescue them from cages and defeat that monster. However, you can’t meet it until you reach the final level. You have to go a long way before you can confront the final boss.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, to clear a level, you have to save 3 mice and collect every single radish if you can. Yes, you don’t have to collect all radishes but you have to rescue 3 mice. That is a condition that you must meet. This is a long journey but besides all obstacles and dangers you go through, you find a lot of fun when you discover the dungeon. At first, you may find it hard to use the hook. You have to shoot it to make it stick to the walls, then you can swing from one place to another, climb to higher places, and so on. This special tool works so much for you.

With its help, you can break through all obstacles and reach your final goal. Have a nice trip and you know that you can play many awesome games on our site, don’t you? Let’s check out Endless Siege and Bullet Rush Online.


Left click to shoot the hook and release to take it back.

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