Ninja Clash Heroes GamePlay:

Battling against the real players is much better than AI and Ninja Clash Heroes will give you a chance to join in the best PvP battles ever. Here at Y8 free games, you choose your favorite character among 4 different classes including ninja, samurai, monk, and geisha. Each of them has a different set of stats and a special ability.

Try to play with each character at least one time in each battle to know how to take full advantage of each character and find out the best choice for you. Your main objective is to kill all members of your opposing team before time runs out. That’s also the ultimate goal of them. Both teams try their best to take down enemies. Then, you have to play strategically, combine well between defending and attacking to both protect yourself and kill enemies.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, when the specific of each match runs out, the team with more kills will win. As the winner, you get a reward. Then you can use reward to upgrade your character to boost his or her strength, HP, and other stats. This helps you a lot in the battle. Besides, you can collect stars to unlock crates that consist of weapons and boosters. The battlefield is a beautiful oriental garden. Don’t let its beauty make you distract because somewhere in the garden, your enemies are hiding and ready to shoot you down at any moment.

Shooting games are always the best but online shooting games with PVP battles are much engaging and this game will keep you hooked from the first moment for sure. Break a leg and fight for victory. If you want to have a break, let’s check out other fun games such as Robots vs Aliens and Special Strike Zombies.

How to play: WASD to move, mouse to view, left click to shoot, Space to jump, G to throw a grenade, C to crouch.

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