Join & Clash GamePlay:

What is a strong army? Modern weapons? High technique? It’s true but in Join & Clash, a strong army means there are many members in the army. And your main objective is to build a strong army with many members in this war game without weapons. At y8 com, you are going to enter the enemy base. However, this base is guarded by a strong army as well. On the way approaching the base, you have to recruit more members to build an army that’s stronger and biggers than the enemy’s army.

By doing that, you can win over them. If you have fewer members than them, you will be defeated. You are a blue team and your enemy is red. You will run towards the white ones to recruit them, turn them into blue. When you meet your enemy, you must send the number of members equal to the number of members of the enemy. It also means that your army loses that number of members.

That’s why you have to recruit as many new members as possible on http://y8y8y8.games/. As you level up, you will deal with more enemies on the way and in the enemy base. The conflict will happen at any time. So make sure you are always ready for that. The enemy is not the only thread you have to deal with. Many obstacles and dangerous traps are also available aiming to stop you. If you crash into them, you may lose some members or lose the whole army.

Stop at the right time or change your direction if you see any obstacles ahead. Good luck and don’t forget to explore other games such as Love Pins and Jungle Bricks.


Use your left mouse to move.

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