Jungle Bricks GamePlay:

Jungle Brick is an addictive brick-breaking game that you may have played some games that have similar gameplay. However, this time, you are brought to a forest and meet the Jungle. He needs your help. He is finding food and he discovers that food is hidden inside the bricks. He has to break these bricks to get food. Can you help him in Jungle Bricks at y8y8 online? Your main goal is to destroy all upcoming bricks on each level.

There is no limited time or move like other games here. Just feel free to play at your pace as soon as the brick army doesn’t touch the bottom of the screen. Yes, if there are any bricks landing, you lose and you have to play that level once again. Your mission is completed when you clear the broad with no brick left behind. You have a certain amount of balls in each level.

These balls increase as you level up. The bricks also have a specific number on them. That number is equivalent to the number of balls you have to use to smash bricks on http://y8y8y8.games/. You don’t have to catch the balls when they come back to you. When all the balls are ready for the next attack, you take action right away before these bricks come close to you and push you into the failure. With each brick broken, you get dump sticks or fruits.

This game is easy to pick up and play and it suits all ages, even kids. Interesting gameplay, beautiful theme, and diverse levels, this game is sure to give you joy for hours. Leave the game when you are busy and the game will keep you going back to enjoy more and more. Besides this amazing game, some other cool choices are ready to welcome you such as Monster Match and Love Pins.


Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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