Inferno GamePlay:

You will have a chance to become a firefighter in Inferno at y8 games escape. Wear protective clothing, get every tool ready and run towards the fire and pull out it. About 20 challenging levels are waiting for you. Your mission is to pull out the fire and keep everything safe. The mission is the same. The only difference among those levels is each level takes you to a different situation. You not only need courage but also mind to complete the task.

It's not just about putting out a fire with water. You have to have a strategy and make use of your tools. To pull out the fire, you move close to the fire and aim the hore to spray water. If you can’t douse the fire, douse the area next to it and it will slowly go out. Your water tank has a limited capacity. Stand still next to a source of water to top it up. You can only refill the water tank when you stop spraying.

Since water is limited, you need to have strategy and precision to make every drop of water count. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, don’t forget to collect coins to buy upgrades. Upgrading is important and upgrade items help you complete each mission faster and easier. You can boost your health, speed, tank capacity, and jet power. Make sure the fire is pulled out before everything gets burned. Keep the damage as low as possible.

Otherwise, you have to carry out that mission once again. Every second matters. Hurry up and pull out the fire. Deal with more challenges in other games such as Baby Chicco Adventures and Mortal Brothers Survival

Instructions: Move by using WASD or arrow keys. Aim and spray the hose by using your mouse.

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