Physics Knife GamePlay:

The physics-based game is truly challenging because you have to use physic elements to solve the problems. Physics Knife is a fun knife throwing game with realistic physics including 10 levels. You must finish the current stage to keep dealing with a new mission in the next one. At free games y8 online, each level gives you 3 kinds of weapons which are a shuriken, an ax, and a sword. You must throw at least one weapon successfully to beat the level.

Your score you get after each throwing depends on 4 stats including Best Throw, Power Record, Flip Record, and Bounce Record. Act quickly and decisively to help your score improve. If you do not use enough force, the weapon cannot hit the target and it will fall down. You are free to grab your weapons and throw it as you want. As you level up, the mission becomes more challenging as many obstacles appear, trying to stop you.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, have one perfect hit is easy but 3 shots are insanely hard and you can't always do it. The screen is split into 2 parts. One part is your target. Another part is where you start throwing weapons. If you accidentally drop the ax, shuriken or sword into the target part, you lose that turn. You are unable to pick it up and keep throwing. After practicing, your skill will improve and you will have a better result each time.

This physics-based knife throwing game is much interesting than other games of the same genre. You will figure out the truth after a few time playings. Discover more games available for free on our site such as Knife Master and Knifr Up


Use your mouse to throw.

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