Arctic Jump GamePlay:

Let’s see how tall can you build a tower from ice blocks in Arctic Jump. This is the latest endless jumping game at Y8 games online 2 player where you need to help a penguin jump on as many blocks as possible. It also means that you try to stack as many ice blocks as you can with a penguin on top of that. The ice blocks randomly come from the left and the right side of the screen. You can’t guess which side a block comes from until it appears.

The penguin stands in the center and you need to make it jump at the right time so that it lands on the top of each block. However, make sure the next block stays firmly on the previous block. Otherwise, your tower will soon fall. When a block falls or the penguin is pushed by a block, your jumping journey ends there and you have to restart. There is a line, can you see it?

When your tower reaches this line, you earn coins and you can use coins to unlock new characters in the store. Like many games at https://y8y8y8.games/, the new characters that you purchase in the store don’t have anything special to help you stack blocks easier and with a new character, the gameplay is still the same but it will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. As mentioned above, timing each jump is what determines the height of the tower built from ice blocks.

It’s not easy to jump at the right moment to make all blocks stack firmly. However, by playing more, your building skills will improve. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Fruit Ninja and Super Billy Boy.

How to play: Use the spacebar or click to jump.

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