Jump And Splat GamePlay:

Some games have complex controls and rules are not as easy to play as some games with simple controls and rules. Sometimes, it’s true, especially in Jump And Splat at y8 games 2 player. At first, you will find the game quite boring and easy. However, after a few tries, bet you will achieve a low score. You will soon realize that the game is extremely difficult as you control a ball bouncing on each platform.

Once the ball touches each platform, it disappears right away. The ball moves in a certain circle. This means it touches the first platform, ignores the second and the third platform, then lands on the fourth and seventh platforms, and so on. You have to look at the number of available platforms to make the ball turn or land safely in other platforms. It’s a point in this game.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, each time you fail, you start from the beginning and the path is different from the previous one. How to make the ball land on the right platform is the challenge here. And you have to play some times to find out how it works and master its gameplay.

Failure will motivate you, improve your will to conquer. With that, your score will improve each time you play. Or if you need something else to calm you down, let’s try out other games, then return to conquer this one. With a huge collection of games, sure you can find something that suits your taste. Some of the best ones you can try first are Angry Cat and Cheese Route.

How to play:

Tapping or clicking to control the ball.

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