Angry Cat GamePlay:

Angry Cat is one of the latest games on juegos y8. It has a gameplay similar to the famous Angry Birds but owns its special features that you hardly find in other games of the same genre. Instead of eliminating annoying pigs by throwing different types of birds, you will throw a cat to collect stars. It sounds simple, but taking action is not easy at all. You have to adjust the strength and direction of each throw. Use as least throw as possible to earn 3 stars.

However, if you don’t care about stars, just get a least one star to unlock the next stage. You have 3 chances to play at each level. You should take advantage of the line show the way your cat will go to make a perfect throw. One throw one star is something you should look for. Here at http://y8y8y8.games/, you don’t have any enemies like Angry Birds. You just need to focus on collecting stars and throw the cat through the circle. As you level up, the challenging level increases significantly.

If you want to know what is waiting for you ahead, you have to finish the current one and keep moving forward. There is a total of 30 levels with level 1 is available and 29 levels are locked. Play smart and throw precious to unlock each one and advance to the final level. This is not the only fun game that you can enjoy.

There are many choices available and other ones are added regularly. Please check out these following options if you don’t want to spend time searching Mixed World and 3 Minute Adventure


Use your left mouse to throw the cat.

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