Crashy Cat GamePlay:

Do you like interactive arcade games that are simple yet addictive and can be played again and again for a long time? If that's your cup of tea, check out Y8 games 2020 called Crashy Cat, a newly added gaming selection with lots of fun moments and challenges await. Your job is to help the cat crash the platform that it's on in order to move down to the platforms below.

The hard part is that most of the blocks will be moving constantly from sides to sides, therefore, if you don't want to facepalm the ground soon, don't crash the blocks too soon or too late. Moreover, your other important mission is to gather all three or maybe two stars per level. Anything less than two stars means that you can't progress to the next stage and have to start those levels from the beginning.

Not only is it a reflex game that has lovely graphics but you can also look forward to adorable characters and addictive gaming features. Kids can't stop playing this game thanks to the simple yet hard-to-master gameplay from http://y8y8y8.games/! Let's find out what is your best record with this type of arcade game!

For advanced players, you can always upgrade the challenges a little bit by moving faster. Or go slow and steady to keep the safe pace for your character. The strategy is decided solely by you! Continue exploring other addictive games of arcade genre such as Deadly Hunter and Pet Runner for your entertainment.


Click to crash the platform.

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