Deadly Hunter GamePlay:

Deadly Hunter is a puzzle game with a little bit of action element. Imagine that you and your friends have a picnic in the wood. Unfortunately, your party is captured by a strange tiger except you and they are trapped in the cage. Now, your mission is to save them and kill this tiger to escape from the wood safely.

At y8 new games, the key is that you have to save enough members that each level requires to defeat this tiger. If your team lacks a person, the tiger will chew all of you. Otherwise, your team wins over it for sure. However, before you and friends come close to the tiger, you have to overcome many obstacles and your team may lose some members when dealing with these things. You should rescue people in order and save as many members as you can.

Besides, one thing that makes you find it harder to complete each mission is that your characters auto moves. If you won’t move them to the left or right to avoid obstacles, your characters will run into the traps, obstacles, and more. On http://y8y8y8.games/, they can’t stop in the front of the traps, then avoid them. So make sure you move them at the right time to save their life first before handling the tiger.

This game has so many interesting things to explore. And the further you go into the game, the more fun you have. It attracts you by its beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay. You can’t leave the game if you haven’t unlocked the final level yet. After escaping safely, let’s check out other options such as Island Survival 3D and Magic Wood Lumberjack.


Use your arrow keys to play this game.

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