Fresh Spring Style GamePlay:

Winter is gone and now, spring is around the corner. It’s time to replace winter outfits with spring outfits. The floral style is trending right now. The wardrobe of four girls in Fresh Spring Style has been filled with the latest fashion collections with floral for spring. Do you want to explore their wardrobe and show off your sense of fashion in terms of mixing and matching? In Fresh Spring Style, they give you a chance to be their stylist and they want you to choose for them a spring-styled make-up look and outfit to welcome spring.

Yes, they need an experienced stylist to help them look better and it’s you. You have an eye for fashion. So, look at each girl’s beauty, what kinds of outfits will suit them the most? What about the make-up look? How about a new hairstyle? With that outfit and hairstyle, which set of accessories will go great with them? Well, it’s hard to tell. The best way to find out the answer is to give them different options and let them try on. Make sure 4 girls wear differently. Don’t make them look similar with your choices.

The same as other dress-up games that you have played at girls games, each time you play, you can choose only one outfit, one make-up look, one hairstyle, and one set of accessories for each girl; therefore, to try out the different outfits, you should enjoy the game several times and you won’t regret because of that. With everything that the game offers from clothes to accessories, and make-up looks, you can mix and match to bring out numerous looks. Check them out! Explore other Y8y8y8 girl games such as Diamond Mermaids and St Patrick's Day Princess Challenge.

How to play: Mouse.

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