Dino Hunter: Killing Strand GamePlay:

Fear haunts in the deadly wild forest. If you get lost in this place, what will you do to protect yourself and run away? Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the online game Dino Hunter: Killing Strand at y8 2 player games. You will do it well. Would you like to experience it now? You can do it well. You will love it the first time you play it. Let's find out the rules of this game. How will you fight your fear?

Let's embark on having fun and enjoy the exciting feeling. Let's rescue this beautiful girl from this place. The girl will have a sword as a defensive weapon. In this wild forest, there are cruel dinosaurs. They want to eat people. Move around and slash it with the sword. Try to win to be able to open up more modern weapons to kill all the remaining enemies. You absolutely can manipulate those things.

Run around and become the bravest player. You will have to use a lot of different operations, flexible to create a great effect. The game will make you see that our girls are very strong. In the midst of the survival war, if you want to survive, you must fight hard. You absolutely can do it. We believe that you will do your job well.

Graphic design vivid, you will be involved in the battle between the jungle is fierce. The power of female warriors will suppress all the wicked. Join the online game Dino Hunter: Killing Strand now http://y8y8y8.games/ now. You will have the opportunity to experience some other games similar to Warzone Sniper and Super Escape Masters

How to play:

Mouse 1: fire weapon

Mouse 2: raise or block W, A, S, D Move Player Left Shift: sprint Ctrl: crouch X: prone Space: jump F: use item R: reload H: holster Weapon G: throw grenade C: Change Camera view V: melee attack T: enter Esc or Tab ammo time: Pause.

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