Pixel Dino Run GamePlay:

When you google but the network is disconnected, you enter a game, basically called dino run. Whenever you can’t connect to the internet, you will have a chance to play this game. Now, you don’t need to take advantage of that time to play it, just enjoy whenever you want with an online version named Pixel Dino Run at y8 war games. It’s a great version of the one that comes from Google.

Surely, you are too familiar with the game’s rule. Like other endless runner games, your goal is to run as far as possible to earn the highest score. To set a record, you have to jump over all cactuses along the way. Your dino has only one life. So if it touches any cactus, he dies and you have to start from the start line. This game looks simple and easy, but you will find it hard soon because you can’t control the speed of the dino. What you can control is to make it jump.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you earn one point with a cactus that you jump over successfully. You must take action at the right time to succeed because if you jump too soon or too late, you fail. To get a high score is quite hard. The journey is full of challenges and as you process, the running speed of the dino will increases.

At that time, you will face real challenges. Have fun and help your dino have a great and long journey and don’t forget to meet other characters in many games such as Shmupnage and Mexico Rex

How to play:

Tap or click to jump.

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