Run Race 3D GamePlay:

Inspired by IO games, you will join the running competition against other 3 opponents. You not only have to be fast to become the winner but also do some tricks as well. Your goal at y8 game new is to reach the finish line firstly. If you are not the No.1 runner at the current level, you will be stuck at there for eternity. So, reach your goal at all cost. It’s is a simple one-button game.

Your character autoruns and what you have to do is to tap or click to make a jump. You have to jump at the right time to pass over your opponents. Bad timing of your jumps will cause you to drop behind them. Then, you have to play this level one more time. The running course of this game is not normal. It looks like a maze with different structures. You have to climb the walls or jump down, bounce from one wall to another.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, all competitors have the same speed, so the key to win is to time your jumps. It will make push you to the leading position and pull you behind other runners. If you lose this time, you can learn a useful lesson to take advantage of the time and make a jump effectively.

This game is not easy and simple as it seems to be. Try your best to become the first one who reaches the finish line in each race. Good luck! Add more awesome game into your favorite list with Santa Street Run and Run Around Online


Click or tap to jump.

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