Super Escape Masters GamePlay:

Do the bad things and you will be taken to jail. You know that, right? Well, it’s your chance to become an escape master. Super Escape Masters at juegos y8 puts you to jail and you have to escape from there without being caught again. This is a true challenge because not many prisoners can make it. They try and they are still in prison. Will you change this? You can’t use tools to unlock the door and weapons to shoot down all the guards. This prison is closely guarded. Your only way is to dig into the ground and create a tunnel. It’s pretty easy to dig.

Make your path underground and go through every guard without being noticed. However, you should know that it isn’t hard to dig but it’s hard to guess what awaits you ahead because underground, there are so many unexpected things hidden here. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you may step on the bombs, be blocked by some obstacles, and more. You have to find the safest way to go from this side to that side and get on the truck waiting for you and escape.

As you level up, Your plan can hardly be successful. You also have to rescue some friends in prison and collect some gold along the way. You can not leave your friends behind and go for your freedom alone, can you? To unlock new levels, you have to get on your truck successful and collect at least 1 key and 1 gold bar as well as save as many friends as possible.

All characters in the game autorun forward and your job is simple to dig. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Stupid Zombies 2 and Warzone Sniper.


Create a path by using your mouse.

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