Stealth Prison Escape GamePlay:

To get out of this jail, you will have to coordinate with your cellmates to dodge all the guards and find the shortest way out! This journey will not be easy but it will definitely be fun. Each ground has its scene with many difficulties ranging from static lasers, cc cameras and guards.

All of them are trying to catch a glimpse of the prisoners moving around the place. It's time to show the skills in this little puzzle escaping game Stealth Prison Escape at unblocked y8 games! The main task is to get to the exit door after avoiding all the lights. Find the key to open the door quickly as well. If you are caught by the camera, the lasers or the lights, your turn will be over.

To secure your freedom, we suggest that you take your time and move carefully. There will be boxes and wires that can be used to hide against the guards. The higher the levels, the more challenges there are, which means that you have to react better under any circumstance.

At http://y8y8y8.games/ the best players will be the ones who can make it to the last round at the fastest speed. A tip is to estimate and predict the movement of light and cameras to choose the right timing to pass. Keep playing more adventure games like Galaxy-Warriors and Castle Defense to create memorable moments!


Tap on the screen or click the mouse to move the prisoner.

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