Temple Escape Run GamePlay:

Warm up quickly and start running before it’s too late because, in Temple Escape Run, you’re being chased by a giant rolling stone. You have no time to stop at Y8 new games. If you stop a just one second, you will be crushed. It looks like an endless runner game where you have to run as far as you can but except for one thing: you can’t avoid obstacles by moving to the left and right. Instead, you jump over them.

Besides, you have to deal with threats from both behind and in front. Tap or click at the right time to jump and turn. Yes, the track isn’t straight and safe. You have to turn left or right accordingly to avoid fall off the track. You know what? You have only one life each time you play. Once you hit one of those obstacles or fall, you have to restart. Interestingly, the track that looks like a maze changes each time. This keeps the game experience always fresh.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, play and you will see the difference each time you have another try. Sometimes, you have to do aerobatic leaps to keep yourself alive from all threats. It’s not easy to go far but your performance will improve little by little. Challenges can make you give up or stimulate you to overcome them. The game wouldn't be fun if it wasn't challenging, right?

Stay strong to keep yourself away from all obstacles and don’t forget to collect coins to unlock new skins for your character. Run your way through a series of traps and dangers here and deal with new challenges in other games such as 3D Stickman Sky Challenge and Monsters Run.

Instructions: Tap or click to play.