Monsters Run GamePlay:

Monsters Run is a challenging endless runner game that looks different from other games of the same genre at Y8y8. It’s about a monster who wants to experience an amazing adventure. However, what awaits him ahead does not look like what he expected. Instead of a flower road, it’s filled with obstacles. The journey is no longer endless if the monster hits one of the obstacles.

You have to control him carefully to go as far as possible by jumping up and down accordingly to avoid every single obstacle. Spikes, blocks, and even saws are what you will deal with. Depending on where the obstacles are, whether they are at the top or bottom of the screen, the monster must move up or down. However, it isn’t simple like that. You have to take action at the right time to make a perfect move.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, it seems that the monster has a perfect move under your control, but it ends up badly and sadly. Just only one second can decide your fade. Jump sooner or later only one second, you fail and you just have one chance each turn. When your monster hits an obstacle, you have to start from the starting point. Passing one obstacle gives you 1 point. Get the highest score and pass it in the next time you play.

Besides moving to avoid obstacles, you do the same thing to collect stars. Stars are used to unlock new skins for the monster. Of course, these skins don’t give you any special skills. They just change the monster’s look. Dangerous adventure can be fun if you know how to enjoy it fully. Good luck and make sure you play other games such as Knots Master 3D and Impostor.

Controls: Tap or click to move.

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