3D Stickman Sky Challenge GamePlay:

Let’s make your whole body work in one of the best runner games called 3D Stickman Sky Challenge Game. You can enjoy this game and tons of other options for free at Y8 games. As a game, you have something that needs to be done, right? Here, you need to help a stickman run through several obstacles to the finish line.

You will find this game has similar gameplay to any endless runner games out there in which you have to avoid obstacles by moving to the left or right or jump over them. You do the same thing in this game. The only difference is that you need to finish the current level to unlock the next one. There are 10 levels in total. The first level is ready to welcome you while the next 9 levels are locked.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, it’s quite confusing at the beginning and you may fail several times because you are not familiar with how to control the character yet. Don’t give up. Try again and you will succeed. Remember that you have only one life on each level. Once you hit one of those obstacles, you die. Besides avoid hitting dangers, don’t forget to collect coins on the way. Coins are used to buy new characters. Even though these new characters don’t give anything special compared to your original one, it’s fun to unlock them. Let’s consider that it’s an achievement in the game to boost your gaming experience.

Enjoyable gameplay, nice graphics, and simple controls, all make a fun game to play. Give it a try and you will love it. More cool games are coming and a huge collection of games is available. Bicycle Kick Master and Monsters Run are two of the best choices you should have a try

How to play: A and D to move left and right, Space to jump.