Snake Challenge GamePlay:

Snake Challenge looks like a modern version of the famous classic snake game that drives everyone crazy in the past. Now, at y8 cute games, you will have a chance to enjoy the old experience with modern style. Get ready and go. Some rules you have to follow to get the best result. Firstly, you must avoid 4 walls. Secondly, don’t collide with yourself. Finally, eat as many fruits as possible. If you master these rules, you can maximize your outcome. Fruits make you grow. With a fruit consumed, you get longer a little bit. A fruit appears each time, so when you collect this one, another one randomly appears on the map.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, eat apples, grapes, and oranges even you don’t like them because it helps you increase your score and become longer. The longer you are, the harder the game will be. You are easy to crash into your body as you have a long body and change the direction becomes harder. Eat your tail won’t make you grow faster but make you die easier. If you need a little more challenging, just double the speed of your snake and you will enjoy a double thrilling experience.

With amazing gameplay and colorful graphics, it surely can keep you hooked. The game ends at the time you crash into the wall or yourself. Get the best score and try to break it in the next play to keep advancing. Play against your friends to have fun and if you feel tired when slithering too much, relax in other games such as Crashy Cat and Tom Runner.


Use your mouse to arrow keys to control the snake.

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