Tom Runner GamePlay:

Tom Runner is another endless running and jumping game that you can play for free at y8 jumping games. It’s an adventure of Tom who loves exploring and playing around. If you want to join him, let’s get started. In many endless running games, you always run on the 3-lanes road and overcome tons of obstacles to moving forwards. Here, it likes you to join a platform adventure with endless runner gameplay. It means your character autoruns and your mission is to control it, help it avoid obstacles by jumping over them while collecting as many coins as possible.

You have 3 lives and each time you jump into any dangers, you lose a life. And when you run out of lives, you have to start the game from the beginning or try other amazing games on our site. There are so many choices for you here and you never get bored on http://y8y8y8.games/. So come back to this game, it has only one level and it requires you to go as far as possible just like other endless runner games that you have played. However, you have to jump over the gaps, jump from this platform to that platform without falling, and do everything you can to make you go ahead.

This rule is simple, isn’t it? So it suits all ages and everyone can play without any issues. So if you get ready for the adventure, why don’t you start right away? Don’t hesitate anymore. As mentioned above, you also have many choices of games to try out here. So make sure you don’t miss it. Some of the best options for you are Pet Runner and Crashy Cat.


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