Craft Subway Runner Boy GamePlay:

Do you love Minecraft and want to try a different gaming experience? Craft Subway Runner Boy is here at y8 minecraft games for free for you. With the blocky graphics and interesting gameplay, you will enjoy fully your time in this game. It’s a fun and enjoyable endless runner game in which you play as a blocky. You want to challenge yourself in an endless running adventure. Let’s see how far you can go.

Like other endless runner games that you have played, you run in 3-lane road with a lot of obstacles and barriers. You have to switch between 3 lanes to dodge these obstacles to stay alive. You don’t have extra lives here. You just only one life, so keep in mind that just a tiny mistake, you die and you have to play from the beginning.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, don’t pass every line of coins. Golden coins appear all over the road. Try your best to collect as many coins as you can. Later on, you can use these coins to unlock new skins in the store. However, these skins are used for cosmetics without anything special about skills at all. Consider unlocking all skins is the submission to make the game more interesting. Blocky but stunning, this type of graphics makes you love the game more.

If you love Minecraft, you will enjoy this game. If you haven’t played Minecraft before, you also love this game. Give every game a try and so does this game. Spend your time playing and check other choices of games on our site such as Pond Race and Save The Girl. Once you play, you keep hooked for sure.


Use your arrow keys to play.

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