Master Craft GamePlay:

Each game has a certain rule that the players have to follow. What about a game without rule? A place allows you to do everything you want and lets you set your rules. Here at y8y8 game y8, you are brought to an open world in Master Craft – a cool sandbox game full with high interactivity and creativity. Inspired by famous Minecraft, the game brings you to a magical blocky world in which you can craft and build anything.

From a simple structure such as a house, a tree, a bridge to a complex structure such as a skyscraper or even a castle. If you love crafting and building, then this is a must-play game for you. The first thing you should do when entering this blocky world is to collect materials. You can collect woods, stones, and so on to build and craft everything. Collect and store them in your inventory. Besides, working hard, you also can discover this endless world to go sightseeing or look for a nice place to settle.

On y8 games 1, you literally can do anything. You can play alone or share your world with many players around the world. Create your world and invite other players to come and build a great city together or enter the available world of other players and start your project. It’s truly a great game for those who want to escape from the busy world in real life and look for a free world that doesn’t offer any rule.

You should know that there are several options like this one available on our site. Some of the best choices for you are Super Husky and Hoppy Rushy


I to enter inventory, right click to add objects, left click to activate/ destroy them.

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