Adventure Craft GamePlay:

Adventure Craft is a voxel-based match-3 game where you connect all impossible blocks of the same type to collect them. However, you won’t collect blocks to build or craft items like the similar gameplay of Minecraft. Here at y8 online, each level requires you to finish a certain mission with a specific requirement. For example, you have to collect 15 red blocks within 30 seconds or make 5 chains within 15 moves or even earn 4,000 points in 50 seconds.

The mission varies and you have to finish it to unlock the new one. You just need to click and drag to build the giant chains of blocks. A chain will be made with 3 blocks but you should look for the longest ones. Have a look at the groups of the same blocks gather and clear them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, the longer the chain of blocks, the more points you get. Look at the game’s name, you may think that you will go adventure, collect blocks and build something impressive like Minecraft or other games but this game has nothing related to those activities. It’s all about matching the same blocks. How many blocks are in your longest chain? The game also counts for you to show you the number of blocks in each chain you create. This game is simple but fun to play. It’s challenging.

As you process, the game becomes harder. It’s not easy as it seems to be. You can find many games that have the same gameplay but each one offers a different gaming experience. By playing, you will find out how different they are. Have fun and enjoy Route Digger 2 and Fall Race Season 2


Click and drag to connect blocks.