Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure GamePlay:

Something interesting is waiting for you in Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure. An adventure on the beach, it sounds beautiful and exciting, right? But no, you are under the attack of evil cars. It’s intense combat among vehicles. At y8 driving game, your main goal is to survive from the beginning to the end. Drive straight to a haven.

It is a very dangerous journey because you are surrounded, chased by so many evil cars and they will try to kill you at all costs. You must destroy them before they approach you. Drop bombs and use your claw to kill them right after they come close to you. Just having driving skills is not enough, you have to take advantage of all skills you have to destroy enemies and deal with other obstacles.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, focus on the health bar and if it runs out of health, you die and it means you have to play that level again. Drive to the garage and move to the next stage and discover what await you ahead. Watch out, it can be more dangerous enemies or challenges. This is a life and death race, you can die in seconds.

Along the way, you can find some useful items that boost your performance or recover your health. Collect red diamonds as well to upgrade later. Good luck and have fun here and in other games such as Car Wash Unlimited and Coach Bus Drive Simulator.


To accelerate you use W or up arrow, to tilt you use A/D or left/right, to use a brake you use S or down arrow, to use turbo you use X or Shift, and to throw bombs you use the Space bar.

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