Sports Car Parking HD GamePlay:

Sports Car Parking HD is the latest and one of the best car parking games at y8 boy games With impressive gameplay, various levels and great graphics, you can’t wait to play from the first level to the final one. If you are looking forward to showing off your parking skills by parking your vehicle as much as you want, then this one if the best to opt for. Try it and you won’t waste your time. The mission is simple to understand but hard to complete. In each level, you have to park your car in the required slot without crashing too many times.

You are allowed to have a certain amount of collapsion at each level. Finish each mission in the shortest of time to earn more money. With the money you have collected, you can upgrade your car, or customize it with different options. Each stage counts the time that you spend to complete the mission. It records your best tries.

On y8 game new, you have more than 7 minutes for each mission. In this game, you will park your car in a parking building with many floors. You may have to go down or go up to find your parking slot. Drive through the red visible gate and other ones will appear to allow you to know where to go. You can always replay the current stage anytime you want as you are playing.

Drive slowly to avoid crash into the barriers and other vehicles but try to finish your mission in the shortest of time to earn more bonuses. Enjoy this game and spend your free time discovering other options such as Lamborghini Drifter and Scrap Gl


Use Arrow keys to drive and Spacebar to stop.

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