Fly Car Stunt 3 GamePlay:

Fly Car Stunt 3 is the third installment of a cool racing game series called Fly Car Stunt. This third version will bring you more fun, challenges as well as cars. You will have a chance to enjoy a new experience that you have never had before in any racing or driving games. Normally, you often drive on flat asphalt roads in cities or steep mountain roads. Here at y8 game new, everything has changed. You will have the opportunity to conquer an airborne path made of container put together. This road has no barriers and the two sides of the road are nowhere. Therefore, if you neglect, do not adjust the speed well, you easily fall off the road.

The game offers various races and you have to win this current stage to unlock the next one. Besides, you not only drive but also hop and fly to overcome the gaps and reach other platforms safely until you reach the finish line. On unblocked y8 games, to earn extra points and set the highest score, you should try to perform some cool stunts. Interestingly, this game offers 2 game modes. You can play solo or compete against your friend on the same computer in 2 player mode. Use nitro whatever you want to satisfy your need for speed and reach the finish line faster. Remember that your car has wings. Such an interesting feature!

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Controls: Single Player – WASD or arrow keys to drive and P to use Nitro. 2 Player – player 1 uses WASD to drive and T to use nitro, player 2 uses arrow keys to drive and P to use nitro. 

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