Sports Car Wash Gas Station GamePlay:

Are you bored of playing many driving or racing games with the same gameplay? Do you want to find something special and impressive? Sports Car Wash Gar Station is what are you looking for. It combines various gameplay and brings you the whole new experience that you haven’t had for a long time. Here at y8y8 game y8 , your mission is to refuel, park and wash your car in 10 levels following the instructions.

You are no under the limited of time but you have to keep an eye on the fuel gauge. If it runs out, your mission fails, the game stops immediately and you have to play that current level once again. If the fuel isn’t enough for you to go to the car washing service, you must drive to the gas station to refuel, then keep processing. Remember to refill the fuel before taking a drive to wash your car.

After washing your car, you follow the arrow to find the parking slot and finish your mission. If you succeed in parking in the required slot, a new level will be opened. You wash different cars in each level and there are 10 levels to conquer. The map of the city changes and you will have a different experience each time. On y8 driving games , the car washing service operates automatically and you just need to put your car into the right position.

Try to launch and stop your car at the right time. Have a great journey and enjoy hours of fun in other games such as Driving Force 4 and Lamborghini Drifter

How to play:

The left click to pay and turn off/turn on the engine

WASD/arrow keys to drive

Spacebar to stop.

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