City Tour Bus Coach Driving Adventure GamePlay:

What do you expect in a driving game? No rule? No limited time? Various vehicles to choose from? You will get all features in a cool bus driving simulator game named City Tour Bus Coach Driving Adventure. Every day, there are some new games added to  y8y8 games and this is one of the latest options that you can play for free and should play at least one time if you live driving game. It’s not the best but it’s still stand out due to some awesome features. You are brought to an open city in which you are a bus driver.

However, you won’t transport passengers but embark on a fun driving adventure of your own with your huge bus. There are 10 different stages await you here. Your mission is simple, just driving your car around the city and enjoy sightseeing in a city that you have never been there. Sit behind the wheel of your bus, launch the engine and start adventuring as you go through many streets filled with presidents, vehicles and more.

On y8 game new, try to avoid crashing into people or objects on your way. It finds to cause accidents, you won’t be penalized but it’s better to be a skillful driver than a reckless driver, even in a game. You can earn coins in the game and use coins to buy new buses. You will want to own them when you see all the bus models that the game offers for sure.

No need to read anymore, just play the game right away and have a good time. Besides this one, you can also experience other options such as Indian Truck Simulator 3D and Old Country Bus Simulator


Arrow keys to drive, left click to choose and Spacebar to stop.

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