Taxi Driving 3D Simulator GamePlay:

Work as a taxi driver is not easy. You have to ensure the safety of all passengers. Take them from this location to that location safely. Especially, in the rush hour when the streets are crowded, you have to deal with many situations. If you are confident with your driving skills, you can show it in a fun driving game called Taxi Driving 3D Simulator. At jogos online y8, there are many missions and you have to fulfill different requirements to finish each mission.

Your first one is to drop 2 passengers on the location shown on the map within 2 minutes. After completing this mission, the new one will be opened. You must watch out other vehicles moving on the road, be careful when passing through the intersection, control the speed to avoid crashing and stop at the right position. Follow the direction arrow to know where to go on http://y8y8y8.games/. This game offers friendly instruction so that everyone can enjoy.

Remember to finish your mission within a limited time. It’s ok if you crash into a barrier or other vehicles, you won’t get damaged or get fired, but if you exceed the specified time, you have to start the current level once again. Don’t forget to look at the map in the upper corner of the screen to find the way to the destination faster and easier.

This is an entertaining and challenging game tests your driving skill on another level. You not only need to drive fast but also drive safe. If you want to play other games related to car and speed, you should check out Russian Train Simulator and Oddbods Monster Truck Challenge


Arrow keys/WASD to drive

Spacebar to use a handbrake.

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