German In Mad City GamePlay:

With one of the best simulation features and great graphic designs, German In Mad City has captured the attention of many players in y8y8y8 racing game collection. If you are looking for a tough and thrilling race under the city light, this excellent choice with the city setting will bring the best experience to you. The gameplay consists of more special characteristics than ordinary games. Unlike other racing games where you only need to overcome the opponents in the race, this time, it's your chance to experience the thrill of running in the city to avoid the pursuit of the police!

However, that's not all that you are required to complete here. While making sure that the police can't keep up, you should also follow the prompts so as to complete some of the tasks. Only when you finish one task will the next one be unlocked. The tasks vary from overcoming the other cars, picking up the scattered bonuses and boosters to drifting and making stunts. Your whole set of skills for racing games will enhance greatly after playing this one.

Also, a large collection of cars at http://y8y8y8.games/ give the players the chance to tap on the world of the best racing cars. Use the keyboard to play. Are you ready to pick your own fancy sports cars from these? Come and conquer more tracks in other racing games like Blocky Roads and Zombie Harvester Rush


Drive with the arrow keys and interact using the mouse.

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