Killer City GamePlay:

Spawn in a big open-world city, you play as a stickman who is chased by a killer. So your main goal in this survival action game at y8 free gams is to survive as long as possible and collect as much as money as you can. Money is everywhere and you can easily pick up. The game will continue until you die. And you die because of 2 reasons. One is from the killer and another one is from the vehicle.

So to keep your life safe, you should watch out the vehicles when you cross the road. Besides, it’s better to go inside the buildings because walking around the street or space that makes you easily face the killer and you can’t hide anywhere. You will become vulnerable prey. On http://y8y8y8.games/, the buildings or offices have many doors so you can go in from this one and go out from another one easily to escape from the killers.

Also, it’s normal if you see the killer from here and you have run away from him but you still meet him in the new position that you just move on. The killer is everywhere like money and doesn’t know exactly how many killers are there and why you are being chased by the killer. You should keep in mind that protects your life is a top priority, money is just the second one.

Such a thrilling but interesting journey. Can you survive with a huge amount of money? Check it out and don’t forget to enjoy other options such as Swamp Attack Online and Stickman Shooter 2. You are sure to love them.

How to play:

Use your mouse to move.

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