Killer Assassin GamePlay:

With awesome gameplay, amazing effects and a diverse level system, Killer Assassin is sure to bring you an unforgettable experience ever as you play as an assassin who has skill in killing and hiding. Here at y8 1 player shooting games, you are tasked with destroying every member of a large-scale criminal organization. Are you able to succeed and stay alive until you get out of there? Try out now and find your own answer while enjoying what the game offers.

As an assassination mission, you will use long-range weapons that make a loud noise like guns or bombs, instead, you will use one of your favorite melee weapons, a knife to assassinate enemies fastly and decisively. All you need to do is to click on any positions in the room and your character will move there, then he will attack enemies if he approaches close to them. However, you are better to kill them in silence without being spotted. When an enemy detects your appearance, a horde of enemies will come and as a result, you die because you can’t use a knife to kill many enemies at once.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, let’s hide if necessary. Take advantage of the objects around you to hide yourself. Besides, you should approach the enemies from behind because they will be caught off guard. Act wisely and conquer every level in the game. A killed enemy rewards you with diamonds.

You can use diamonds to unlock new characters. Have a great time and spend more time exploring more new games such as Dracula, Frankenstein & Co and Shot And Kill. You will love them.

How to play:

Use your left click to take action.

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