Impostor Assassin GamePlay:

You are a professional assassin and you have never failed in any missions. Today, there is a new mission for you which is to kill all spies on the spaceship. Finish it in Impostor Assassin at https://y8y8y8.games/ right now. This is one of the latest action-packed games that won’t let you down. With simple but fun gameplay and more than 100 levels with increasing difficulty, the game will give you hours of fun.

So in each mission, you have to assassinate a certain number of spies on the spaceship. Do it quickly and quietly. Break into the spaceship and kill each spy without being noticed. Do you need a useful tip to make it? Well, let’s swing your sword to kill them when they turn their back to you. Besides, don’t step into the red area near your target because once you are in the red area, they will shoot you. At that moment, you should quickly escape from that area before you run out of HP.

In this y8y8 online game, when you come close to your target, as long as you don’t step into the red area, the enemy won’t attack you, even when you're face to face with them. Clear several levels and you will get a surprise prize. Make sure you claim it. With coins you get after each level, you can unlock new skin for your impostor assassin. There are 6 different skins in total.

Although these skins won’t give you any special things, they bring you a new look. Good luck to you and deal with new challenges in other games such as Alien World and Eliatopia.

Controls: Instructions: Mouse, WASD, or arrow keys.