Among Shooter Kill Impostor GamePlay:

Are you ready for action? Among Shooter Kill is a fast-paced shooter game that can bring to you excitement and happiness. Of course, every single game at Y8 shooting games gives you the same thing. You are hunted by rampant Among Us imposters and to keep your life safe, you have to kill them before they kill you. So your main objective is to stay alive and your main mission is to eliminate a certain number of imposters at each level.

Each level brings you to a map and you have a limited HP. A mission is considered complete when you kill all imposters and a mission is considered to fail when you run out of HP while all imposters haven’t been killed yet. You have a huge arsenal of weapons and each weapon have a different set of stats. Besides, you need some time to reload your weapon when it runs out of bullets. During the time you reload, the enemy will quickly move towards you and attack you.

At that time, you should move back until your gun is ready. Like other shooter games at https://y8y8y8.games/, you need to combine attack and defense. As the enemies actively find you, you remain passive. You will always have to step back to avoid the enemy's attack. You even can’t cover yourself to avoid getting damaged. The only way to stay safe is to actively shoot down enemies.

Watch out for enemies in front of you, on the left and right side, and the ceiling. You are alone to handle an army of enemies. Good luck and check out other amazing games such as Survival 456 But It Impostor and Stick War: Infinity Duel.

Controls: Mouse to look around, WASD to move, W + Shift to run, Space to jump, Left mouse button to shoot, Right mouse button (Hold) to aim, Mouse wheel to switch into next/leading weapon, 1-7 for weapon hotkeys, R to reload, F for knife attack 1. Q for knife attack 2, G to throw a grenade, T to inspect the weapon, E to remove the weapon.

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