Venom Zombie Shooter GamePlay:

Let’s imagine that if you were in the post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, what would you do? Run like never before to escape from these cruel creatures or fight back to save your life? You will still die if you run away, so why not fight like a hero even if you die? You should fight hard and your life may be saved at the end. Venom Zombie Shooter welcomes you with 20 epic battles against waves of zombies.

Here at y8 games, if you don’t come to find and kill them first, you will be hunted by them. So, gear up and start looking for these evil creatures and make them disappear forever in this world. Like other shooting games, you must complete the current mission to unlock the new one, but in this FPS shooting game with the zombie theme, you can play any levels as you want. In the world of darkness, zombies are roaming around.

You can’t stay still but move around to look for them first, then shoot at their head to send them to the hell forever quickly. If you don’t take action fastly, you will be killed. So, don’t this chance for them. You must outwit these brainless creatures. Defending combines with attacking to shoot down them, save your life and save the world on y8y8 fighting games. Eliminate every single of zombie in each level within a certain amount of time to fulfill your destiny.

Look at the amp to confirm the location of the zombies to destroy them much easier. Have fun with this FPS game and experience more thrilling battles in Call Of Ops 2 and Hammer

How to play:

WASD to move

Spacebar to jump

C to crouch

mouse to aim and shoot. 

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