Zombie Road GamePlay:

Play a driving game that doesn't look like a driving game, why not? Zombie Road is one of the best driving games that our website offers. Here at y8 games online 2 player, whether it's your destiny or not, you live in the doomsday where a dangerous virus is spreading out and turning humans into the living dead. Fortunately, you are still you, in the human form.

Now, what you need to do is to escape from the areas full of zombies. Get in your car and start this journey now. Many zombies are chasing you behind and hordes of zombies are waiting for you ahead. To stay alive, you have to avoid crashing into them. You may wonder why you have to avoid them while you drive and can crash them.

Unluckily, you can't kill them on http://y8y8y8.games/. When crashing on zombies, your car stopped and zombies will jump into you and turn you into them. So, it's better to drive steadily and move your car smoothly to avoid any zombies. You have only one life, so you must keep it safe at all costs. Drive as far as possible to keep your life safe as long as you can.

Earn coins by other vehicles in the store. Your journey is an endless driving journey, then there is no stop station. You must keep driving and stay away from zombies. They won’t play well with you. How can you escape safely depends on your driving skills? Don’t forget to enjoy other games such as Winter Monster Trucks Race and Monster Truck 2020


Click on the right and left of the screen to move to the right and left.

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