Cross That Road GamePlay:

Cross That Road is a fun endless road crossing game that requires you to lead 6 different kinds of animals across the ridiculously busy highway and dangerous river. This mission seems so easy but when you start, you may not go far enough for sure. By the way, this game doesn't offer several levels. It seems that it has only one level and your main objective is to have the highest score.

At y8 games online, to do it, you should keep your character survive as long as possible and go as far as you can by avoiding cars, buses or trains and drowning. To cross the river, you jump into the chunks of wood and quickly jump onto the other side of the river. To cross the road, you must wait and also move quickly. Timing is the key point to help you succeed. You must take action at the right time to avoid the accident. If you are late for a second, you will be drowned in the river or crushed by cars.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you should check which direction the logs are flowing in the river and traffic is moving on the road to be well-prepared for coming things. It's important. This is an endless adventure if your character stays alive all the time. If your character is killed at any point in the adventure, you have to start from the beginning. There is no checkpoint here.

Besides, you can unlock new animals in the store to refresh your gaming experience. These animals have no special abilities. How many roads and rivers can you cross? Count and enjoy it. Don't forget to check other choices such as Racing Masters and Off Road Oil Tanker Transport Truck.


Use your arrow keys to move and cross the road.

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