Desert Road GamePlay:

Desert Road is a unique and challenging endless runner game that you can play for free with tons of other games at Y8y8. However, instead of running, you have a ride in your car. This game has the same gameplay as other endless runner games. Your ultimate objective is to drive as far as possible through the large, beautiful desert.

There are 3 lanes and you have to switch the lanes to avoid obstacles, other vehicles as well as collect coins, power-ups to boost your performance. Your car auto-run but you can speed up or slow it down in each situation. Sometimes, 3 lanes are blocked. In that situation, you can’t keep driving, you have to slow down to assess the situation and find solutions to overcome challenges. You will see 2 bars at the top of the screen. One bar is your HP and another is the fuel.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if one of these bars reaches 0, you lose. With the coins you collect on the journey, you can upgrade your engine, tires, turbo, and fuel capacity. Upgrading is important because, by upgrading, you have more chances to drive further. Along the way, there are some power-ups for you to collect. Its effect doesn’t last too long but if you can take full advantage of them, you can improve your achievement significantly.

It’s hard to set a record that you expect, especially at the beginning but the more you play, the more you get used to the gameplay and know how to deal with obstacles and challenges. Then, you will improve so much. If you want to play more enjoyable games like this one, check out Smart City Driver and Happy Racing Online.

How to play: Right/left arrow keys to change the lane, up arrow key to use nitro, and Space key to brake.

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