Furious Road GamePlay:

Furious Road is a hot driving and shooting car that puts you in the middle of danger in which you have to handle many enemies. If you live, they must die, and vice versa. At y8y8, your car is fully equipped with powerful weapons. It’s up to your shooting and driving skills to defeat enemies. You drive behind enemies. In the beginning, each enemy appears and you find it easy to blow your enemy’s car but later one, more enemies will appear and they continuously shoot at you. At that time, you have to show off your driving skills to dodge the attack from the enemy.

Look at the game’s name, you know that it’s an epic battle to survive. Your car automatically moves and you only have control of the vehicle to move to the right and left to avoid bullets that the enemy shoots and avoid obstacles in the way. You have a certain number of HP. If it drops to 0, you lose. You lose HP when you get shot, crash into obstacles, and enemy cars.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you also collect some helpful items on the way. They restore your HP, give you extra money and so one. With a kill, you earn money as well. Then, you can use the money to upgrade your car with more powerful weapons. This is important because upgrading helps you defeat enemies much easier.

There is only one level and it’s endless if you still survive. It just ends when you die. So try to drive as far as you can and kill as many enemies as possible. Break a leg! Check out other fun games such as Snow Excavator and Burnin Rubber 5 XS.


Left and right arrow keys to move

Space to shoot

E to launch rockets.

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