Off Road Oil Tanker Transport Truck GamePlay:

It's not something new when it comes to driving simulator games because you may have played several options in juegos de y8. This time, our site introduces you to the latest choice of this genre that is different from other ones. Come to Off Road Oil Tanker Transport Truck and become an oil tanker transport truck. If you are confident enough to take control of this long truck, don’t hesitate anymore.

Get on the truck and start the journey to transport oil and gasoline from this station to that station. The driving experience is so real and the paths are so challenging. You have to drive carefully every second. Do you know why? Because if you crash into something, your tanker will get damaged. As a result, the oil will spill out and it’s not good.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have 10 levels with 1 available level and 9 locked ones. You have to start from level one to level 10 by completing the current level to unlock the next one. Besides, make sure you reach the final destination within the given time in each level. Use different camera angles to enhance your gaming experience. To reach the refinery, you just need to follow the shown direction.

It sounds simple, but it’s a true challenge that puts your driving skills to the limit. You may not finish a level in the first trying. But through failure, you will improve your skills and know how to handle each situation. Enjoy and have a look at other games as cool as this one such as Parking Jam and Racing Masters.

How to play:

Drive by using arrow keys.

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